4 Positive Changes That Numerology Can Bring To Your Life


Numerology is the practice in which numbers are used to study human behaviour and events. Numerologists believe it to be a predictive and metaphysical science. It provides an insight into a person’s traits or life circumstances through the study of numbers. It is imperative to note that the main objective of numerology is not to predict the future of any particular person or situation. It may be used for reading the characteristics of different people or to understand the purpose of life events in general.

There is an element of mystery regarding the origins of numerology. However, most numerologists agree that there is convincing evidence of its existence in various cultures like Japanese, Roman, Chinese and Greek. The great mathematician ‘Pythagoras’ who is famed for creating the ‘Pythagorean Theorem’ believed in numerology. He is known to be the creator of Western Numerology. The fact that numerology stems from the works of a great mathematician like him, is a testimony to the credibility that this unique form of divination commands from its followers.

The universe is made up of energy. Every particle in this universe, living or inanimate is vibrating with this divine energy. Like all objects, it is believed that numbers also have their own vibrations. These vibrations are unique to each number and they are said to affect your personality and life. According to experts, every human soul on earth has a purpose to achieve its unique goal.

When a person is born, his date of birth becomes his ‘birth number’. The birth number is said to have a significant impact on that person’s interests and life goals. Numerologists believe that by following the principles of numerology any person can improve the chances of achieving their life goals. The numbers may therefore be considered as a blueprint of the purpose that a soul needs to achieve in its lifetime.

Numerology may have the tools to bridge the gap between a human being and the goal he is set out to achieve. It may possibly serve as a stepping stone to success in achieving that goal.

While critics argue that numerology is not based on science and has no significance in the occult world, numerology is still a sought-after practice for a lot of people who apply its principles in their daily lives. A common example of this would be when someone buys a vehicle and ensures that the registration number adds up to their birth number. Similarly, choosing a particular phone number is another example of following numerology.

Starting from the early 20th century when numerology started to gain prominence to this date, it continues to impact lives in the modern world as well.

Numerology enthusiasts believe that the numbers have the power to make several positive changes in anybody’s life. Below are the four positive changes that you may bring into your own life with numerology.

1. Numerology May Bring an Extra Dose of Good Luck
Many numerologists work with the numbers associated with your name. In order to make your name more favourable to you, they may change the spelling of your name. It is very common these days to see celebrities tweaking the spelling of their names or using a particular number to wear during sporting events. For example, Sachin Tendulkar preferred a number 10 jersey as it summed up to number 1 which is a number for leadership. Similarly, Mahendra Singh Dhoni would wear a number 7 jersey as his birth date is July 7 which makes 7 to be his lucky number.


2. Numerology May Help You Know Yourself and Develop Better Relationships
Numerology may let you find out things about your personality the way others see it. Experts suggest that the birth number defines the traits and behaviour of that person. Similarly, your ‘life path number’ may act as a road map for your lifetime. By knowing who you are, you can work on yourself and become a better version of you. This will help you in defining a harmonious relationship with people you care about as you will be aware of what you would like to be for them. Similarly, it may also help you in knowing more about the other person through the numbers associated with them.

3. Numerology May Provide You with Tools to Excel Professionally
Numerologist believe that you can explore your strengths and weaknesses through numerology. Once you are aware of those, you can bank on your strengths at your workplace and work towards improving on your weaknesses. This will allow you to excel at your work place as you will showcase your strengths to peers and superiors and show that you have the ability to improve on your weaknesses.

4. Numerology May Create a Positive Environment Around You
In numerology, you can assess the impact that your living space has on your life. The address of your home or office can be analysed to draw such an inference. Numerologists do this by combining the numbers associated with your name and all the numbers which are present in the address where you live or work. Thereafter, they try and assess whether the energy of that area is good for you or not.

In essence, numerology is a tool that may provide you with an opportunity to bring more positivity in your life and put you on the right path.

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