5 Benefits of Including Feng Shui in Your Life


Feng shui is a system or a practise to bring about harmony in our environment in such a way that it benefits us in every sphere of life. The practice of Feng shui is Chinese in origin. When loosely translated into English, it means ‘wind-water’. The wind as we all know is a form of energy. It is a movement of spirit around us. Water is the nourishment that all living organisms need for survival. Together, wind and water nourish both our soul and body.

To explain it in a little detail, feng shui deals with the invisible forces that bind the entire universe and all the life on it. It is the force of nature in the buildings and structures that we find around us.

The practitioners of feng shui use this knowledge to create balance of energies in buildings and concrete structures in such a way that these structures become oriented to hold a positive or auspicious effect on things and people who are in and around it. The structure hence would be in harmony with the surrounding nature in which it dwells.

The practitioners measure this special invisible force also known as ‘qi’ to understand the energy in a place. Qi can be both a positive or a negative force. It takes into consideration the location of a structure, its surroundings, the quality of vegetation in that area among many other elements. In a house with a positive qi, good things are considered to be a natural outcome. An extension of the energy concept is the concept of yin and yang in feng shui. Similar to a magnetic dipole, yin and yang are two extremes of a continuum. The balance of these energies is important to maintain harmony according to feng shui principles.

It is said that feng shui is not based on scientific evidence but on the spiritually significant knowledge of the energy around us. Therefore, it is popularly referred to as a form of pseudoscience. Even so, these days it is becoming increasingly popular among people and as a result architects, interior designers and landscape design consultants are utilising feng shui concepts to build homes and offices for their clients. Feng shui principles are being utilised in construction and interior designing of new residential or commercial buildings and in landscaping designing of private and public gardens. It is also being used in correcting the feng shui related flaws in existing homes, offices or gardens by rearranging objects or introducing some feng shui charms.

There is a reason that this 5000 years old practice is still popular among folks who not only know about it, but want to incorporate it in their living spaces. There are several benefits of applying feng shui to your surroundings.

Below are the 5 key benefits that you may receive if you introduce feng shui in your life.

1. Feng Shui may Bring Peace in Your Life
Since feng shui deals with handling our living spaces to optimal effect, we may simply rearrange the objects around us to bring harmony in our homes and offices. For example, by changing the direction of your bed according to principles you can bring positive qi in to your bed room. This will in turn help you in getting a much better sleep. In this way, feng shui brings about harmony in our day to day life making us feel at peace with our surroundings.

2. Feng Shui may Bring Good Luck to You
It is common to find people who seem to be smarter than others, but they still cannot manage to get a job that they are worthy of. Similarly, several better-looking people with a great personality cannot manage to find a suitable life companion. In common parlance, we attribute it to a general lack of good luck in their lives. Feng shui practitioners claim that good luck can be reversed by use of instruments especially designed for bringing good luck. Some of these instruments like a laughing buddha or a bamboo tree are often used in homes to bring good luck into the lives of its inhabitants.

3. Feng Shui may Help You Attain Better Health
It is scientifically proven that our surroundings have a direct impact on our health. Therefore, living in a house with negative energy may make us ill. In such circumstances, changing the layout of the house according to feng shui principles may bring positive qi into the house. According to feng shui, the house you live in and its layout has a direct bearing on your health and hence you should choose it carefully.

4. Feng Shui may Help You Prosper Financially
Feng shui may also lead to a prosperous financial status for an individual. For instance, an entrepreneur who has started a new shop or office may choose the name of the venture according to numerology. In the same way, the direction of the main door, the positioning of the furniture, the time of the opening (i.e. mahurat) and other such things can be done in consultation with a practitioner of feng shui in order to improve the chances of success. For a person who is working in an organization, he may improve chances of a promotion by taking care of his working space and its direction among other things.

5. Feng Shui Makes You Better Organized
If you are a follower of feng shui, then simply following a few rules will help you in de-cluttering your house and keeping it organised. A cluttered space in a house obstructs the positive energy flow in that house. Hence feng shui experts advise to remove any unused or damaged items from the house. Doing this will bring in good energy flow into your life. It is advised that students keep their study desks clean to study better and chefs to keep their kitchen clean to do their job well. Addition of green plants may further add to the energizing effect in any living area.

There is something for everyone in feng shui. By working with feng shui principles in your life, you can manifest your desired lifestyle. There are many simple feng shui tips that you can start with and reduce stress and improve the over all quality of your life.

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