5 Ways Palmistry Can Help You


Palmistry is an age-old art of reading the lines and islands on the palms of a person. It is also known as chiromancy originating from the word cheir, meaning ‘hand’ in the Greek language.

The ancient art which has its roots in the Vedic Indian culture is considered to be more of an art rather than a scientific enterprise due to the fact that it does not base itself on empirical evidence but partakes in the rich knowledge accumulated over thousands of years.

While it has its roots in ancient India, palmistry exists all over the world in various forms in countries like China, Egypt, Persia, Japan, Greece and other countries of Eurasia as it spread out from India to these countries.

It was in Greece where it was practiced by Alexander the Great who used it for examining the character of his officers by studying the lines on their hands. It is said that Napoleon once etched a fate line on his palm because a palm reader dismissed his dreams of becoming an Emperor due to the lack of a fate line. The fact that Napoleon consulted a palm reader and went to the gory extent of cutting himself by his sword indicates his belief in palmistry.

However, over a course of time, this art was suppressed by groups like the European church and during periods like the Renaissance period when it was declared forbidden to practice palmistry. Nonetheless, during the modern times, it has flourished as it has found many advocates across the globe. To this day, palmistry is a widely accepted practice by common folk to learn about their life and much more.

The reason for palmistry to transcend the test of time and geographical boundaries is quite simple. It allows us a peak in to the past and future even if we do not have specific details about us or someone else. There is no need to know your time of birth or date of birth to read a palm.

Below are the five key ways in which you can use palmistry to help you in life by way of material success or health or knowledge or something else. Palmistry is a tree that keeps on giving.

Helps to Predict Future
The most obvious way in which palmistry helps us is by reading our future through our hands. It is believed that it can predict somebody’s life span or the challenges that a person might face in their life later. The life line in the palm of a person can tell us about all this. Similarly, the heart line in the palm of a person will be able to tell us about their love life and all matters pertaining to the heart. It can also tell us about the emotional strength of a person or about their perspective on romantic or emotional matters.

Guides to a Better Lifestyle
Many believers of palmistry vouch for the efficacy of palmistry in helping them choose the right path to lead their lives. The life line on a person’s hand can tell them about their general well being, their vitality and health. For instance, if a person’s life line indicates poor physical health then they can take specific care to keep themselves away from ailments. Palmistry can also predict the kind of diseases or conditions a person is most likely to get in their lifetime, hence making them cautious of certain things or situations ahead of time.

Counsels for a Suitable Career
A good palm reader may play the role of a career counsellor to you by reading your palm for predicting your behaviour and characteristics. It is no secret that a good professional life requires you to be in sync with the demands of that career. If your personality is that of a person who likes to spend time alone, then a career in sales might not be the right one for you as it requires a lot of networking with people from all backgrounds. Similarly, a person who enjoys freedom and constant movement will not be very happy to work in the closed confined environments of a laboratory. Since palmistry allows oneself to understand behavioural patterns, it also lets them be aware of their preference as far as career choices go.

Prepares for the Right Relationship
A relationship with another person requires that two people know each other well. This relationship could be a business dealing or a marital relationship, in both cases, they end up facing the consequences of each other’s life choices. Hence, by taking help of palmistry the two people who are about to enter one such relationship, can understand whether they are compatible with each other. In case of minor differences that can come to the surface, the couple concerned can quickly work on them. However, if they find out major gaps in their personality types, then they can choose to stay away as well. Palmistry therefore may let them decide on such relationships ahead of time that it would have normally taken for them to know each other that much.

Helps Understand Others’ Behaviour
Just the way palmistry helps in ascertaining our own behaviour patterns, similarly it also allows for reading other’s behaviour patterns. Once we know the person in front of us, it makes it far easier for us to deal with the person. As mentioned earlier, palmistry lets us learn about other’s behaviour much sooner than the time it would take otherwise.

The knowledge of palmistry has been helping people understand their own and other’s life for hundreds of years. With the help of a good palm reader, we can too use this knowledge to illuminate our lives.

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