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The ‘tarot’ is a set of cards (usually of 78 i.e., divided into 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards) used by tarot readers to delve deeper into one’s inner self in quest of profound answers. The system of tarot reading is one of the many forms of divination that humans have used since hundreds of years. The term used to describe the art of tarot reading is called ‘taromancy’.

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The practice originated in the middle of the 15th century in Europe in order to play trick-taking card games such as the Italian tarocchini and French tarot (also known as jeu de tarot). However, by 18th century, it evolved into a form of divination and fortune-telling. Famous cultural icon and composer Carl Orff’s best known classical music repertoire ‘Carmina Burana’ was deeply influenced by the occult art of ‘tarot’.

When a tarot reader picks a set of cards, it is to find potential outcomes of certain situations or to evaluate any possible influences that may chance upon a person or an event.

The difference between other forms of divination and ‘taromancy’ is that in the latter there are no specific predictions, rather it deals with a flurry of possible outcomes in any situation. Tarot readers believe that the future can have varied levels of fluidity about it and hence there cannot be a specific prediction for it. Therefore, tarot readers do not hand out predictions to seekers but instead they help out a client find additional information about an event or about themselves, so that they can make a more informed choice.

A tarot reader lays out the card in front of her, known as the ‘spread’. Various positions in this spread denote distinct aspects of the questions being asked. For instance, a position called ‘The Three Fates’ contains three cards. These three cards represent the past, the present and the future.

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There are two types of tarot card readings. The first one is called a ‘question reading’ and the second one is called the ‘open reading’. In question readings, you seek to answer a specific question while in open readings, the aim is to find out general answers to your life. For instance, finding out how your health will be in general, is something an open reading can answer for you.

The experts who read these cards consider themselves to be naturally gifted. For most, the cards are merely a medium to delve into their gift and help others seek answers from the universe.

The tarot cards provide a vision into our own higher self. This is a vision, we can delve into and seek answers to questions that bother us. Tarot reading can help us a great deal in the following ways.

Get Clarity of Thought
One can do meditation through tarot which helps in developing your intuition and improves your clarity of thought and acts as a self-help tool. Further, a tarot reading session lets you delve deeper into who you are and connects you intuitively with your feelings. It can often work cathartically when you are confused and need to look at things with a fresh perspective. It gives you the clarity of thought in stressful situations.

Seek Inner Peace
If you are going through a troublesome time in your life or you are extremely confused about something, then it may be the right time to seek the help of a tarot reader. Tarot reading will allow you to take a step back and reflect upon your life choices. It can help you overcome your thoughts and feel a sense of calm. Hence, if you do not have any specific questions but are merely pondering over any situation or event in your life, tarot reading can provide you the inner peace you might be looking for.

Take Decisions
Sometimes we find ourselves unable to take difficult decisions because we do not have all the facts with us or we are not clear about what we want. In either of the situations, tarot cards can bring us closer to the truth regarding what we want intuitively and take good decisions.

Understand our Deeper Issues
One of the unique benefits of tarot reading is that it is self-reflective in nature. A spread of cards can make us consider our life from a vantage point we never noticed. It brings to the fore our personality traits we do not otherwise pay attention to. The tarot cards can help us identify areas we need to focus on.

Bring Harmony into Personal Relationships
The tarot can help you embrace the negative shades of people you care about and appreciate their positives. Once you know more about them and about yourself, it will make you become more understanding of your relationships with your friends and family. If you are single, it can provide you insight on what kind of partner you are looking for and what type of personality matches with your personality type. Further, if you are in a committed relationship, then the tarot cards with their knowledge and wisdom will assist you in developing your relationship into a deeply evolved and caring one.

With an open mind and soul, tarot reading can give you some much needed peace and clarity in your quest for various answers. It helps you in your relationships at work and outside as well as lead you to more financial success. All it needs is a positive approach to the tarot. If you want to be sure of getting a good tarot reading done, you should also choose your reader carefully. In this way, tarot reading will let you become a kinder, responsive and more aware version of yourself. In the end, it is natural to say that tarot can help you lead a much fuller life.

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