The Case of Missing Bangles


Name : Anonymous
Gender : female
Age : 49
Location : Mumbai
Service Availed : Horary
Time Period : 2011

I was travelling from Mumbai to New Delhi along with my bangles for a function. When I reached New Delhi, I noticed that the bangles are missing. I searched everywhere but could not find the bangles.

Even the lost and found at both the New Delhi and Mumbai airports informed me that they did not find any bangles. I suspected that while travelling someone has robbed it somehow. I also contacted at my house in Mumbai, however it was not there. I searched frantically in Delhi but I did not find the bangle. I was very worried.

When I returned to Mumbai, I searched my house but I did not find the bangle. I consulted my astrologer who did horary on the bangle. The astrologer after conducting horary told me that the bangles are in my house in Mumbai. But in spite of searching several times in my house I could not find them. Ultimately, I lost hope.

However, just a few weeks later, I chanced upon the bangles in my almirah. I had kept it in a box and completely forgot about it. So the astrologer was right that the bangles were indeed in my house.

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